Best of India 2018

Most visitors to India land either in Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay). And it is from these cities that they glean their first impressions; and in these cities that they learn the ropes of travel in India. I was lucky, from my very first day in India, I stayed with an Indian family in Belgaum. I then went on to Delhi and met some True Delhi-wallahs, who help you see the beauty and essential charm of the city and provided the keys to discover hidden treasures that most tourists miss. I grew to love the city and I hope you will give it a chance, too. There are truly a lot of things to do in Delhi.


Personally, I think Delhi is a glorious city  Like Rome, Delhi is an eternal city. Not only is it the capital of modern India, it has been the capital of at least seven previous civilizations, and each have left behind a trail of monuments. It’s also a very green city, criss-crossed by wide, leafy boulevards; and it’s the country’s cultural heart and political centre. Plus, Delhi is known as a gastronome’s pleasure garden and a shopper’s paradise. In other words, there’s lots of things to do in Delhi, and many reasons to love the city.



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