Julian initially trained in web and new media studies in Toronto at First Interactive Computer College and joined Ryerson University as an instructor in the Information Technology Studies Department where he has taught Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Java Script and Flash Advanced. He has worked professionally in the area of on line design, on line education and development, both as a freelance designer and most recently as Studio Director for a large Internet marketing company that  offered a full range of services to clients: including web-to-print and on line and off-line marketing.


Julian currently teaches at the University of Toronto - as well as doing consulting and freelance projects for local and national clients.



In 1994, my mother told me that I could NOT be a flight attendant for the rest of my life as it had very little prospect for a full time career.  She then informed me that a chef in Scotland had been named the youngest to be awarded 1 Star in Michelin, and was teaching classes.


My bags were soon packed and it was off to Scotland to begin my new training - in a career much more suited to a long-term future...she was right!

Education: Nairn's Cook School

Awards:  Winner of the Toronto Wintefest Signature Food item, Lastman Squares. Award presented by the Hon. Mayor Mel Lastman and Lucy Waverman.

Positions Held:

 • Sous Chef: The Bakers Arms - named "best pub in Leicestershire by The good Food Guide."

 • Exec Sous Chef Movenpick Restaurants of Canada/Catering manager

 • Private Chef to the Weston Family & to the Hon. Hilary M. Weston - CM CVO OOnt -  the 26th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario,

 • Catering Chef - Acqua Ristorante

 • Chef de Cuisine - Partners Catering

 • Caterer to: Senator & Carole Grafstein

 • Caterer to: Juno Awards

 • Caterer to: Klancy II Harbour Cruises

 • Head Chef: Taro Grill

 • Head Chef: Island Yacht Club

 • Cheese Specialist: Whole Foods Market

 • Sous Chef: Big Easy's Seafood & Steakhouse

 • Catered dinners to select clients of Charles P. MacPherson Associates (Charles the Butler)



From 2016-2017 Julian graduated with Honors in holding a paralegal diploma.


Paralegal Licensing Process


The focus of the Paralegal Licensing Process is to ensure that candidates have demonstrated they possess the required entry-level competencies, in order to provide services effectively and in the public interest. To qualify for admission to the Paralegal Licensing Process, an applicant must have graduated from a Law Society accredited Paralegal Education program.


He is planning on writing his licensing examination with the Law Society of Upper Canada later in 2018.  During his studies, Julian focused on Disability Law with regards to:  The AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, S.O. 2005), The OHRC (Ontario Human Rights Code), as well as The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


What is the permitted scope of practice for paralegals?


The regulatory scheme set out in the Law Society's By-Law 4 permits paralegals to practise in what were already permitted areas of practice. Subsection 6 (2) authorizes licensed paralegals to represent someone:


in Small Claims Court

in the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act

on summary conviction offences where the maximum penalty does not exceed six months' imprisonment and /or a $5,000 fine

before administrative tribunals, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

A person with a paralegal licence can do the following in the course of representing a client in any of the above-mentioned proceedings:


give legal advice concerning legal interests, rights or responsibilities with respect to a proceeding or the subject matter of a proceeding

draft or assist with drafting documents for use in a proceeding

negotiate on behalf of a person who is a party to a proceeding.

Paralegals are not permitted to appear in Family Court and may not provide legal services that only a lawyer may provide, such as drafting wills or handling real estate transactions or estates.



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